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I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to overcome the burden of having CPTSD, and working through the series of traumas that have accumulated over my short life time. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to work with an amazing collective and embark on a healing journey working HTH. Since my experience, I have had a significant reduction in my CPTSD symptoms including reduced anxiety, reduced depression, reduced hyper vigilance,  and a significant increase in my body, mind, spirit connection. For the first time in a long time, I feel safe in my body. I have had no success working with pharmaceuticals and now knowing there are natural resources to help me have truly changed my lifeTrajectory in the most empowering way possible. In addition to healing personal life experiences, I have also gained insight and clarity on what the future holds for me and enjoy embracing my natural gifts. I am no longer afraid to truly live, and for that I am so grateful.

Marilyn Gracia

I was referred by a dear friend that had already attended several of other ceremonies in the L.A. area (my home town), but when he completed his journey w Heal the Heroes back in 11/2021, the first thing he told me was that I needed to go. He stated this was by far the best ceremony he’s ever experienced, and although this was my first experience ever , I must admit my friend wasn’t lying. Heal the Heroes has true structure and put their full heart into their work. They started off w creating a 25 day breathwork/meditation challenge w the intention of  helping you to create a healthy routine, but at the same time these exercises come into play to help you get through w the processing of the plant medicine—it’s genius! And, they most recently decided to keep the challenge going for the rest of 2022! Score! They are well organized, enthusiastic, detailed orientated and genuinely eager to help one’s healing journey. They do not skip a beat.


The ceremony with Heal the Heros was honestly life changing. I went in very nervous, but Tony and Dayanna took the time to explain what all the sacred medicines are, the history, uses, effects on physical body, etc. This really eased my worries and I felt way more prepared for ceremony. The weekend was extremely difficult, but showed me just how resilient and strong I truly am. We started out as a group of strangers, but left as warrior sisters. Everyone could share their stories with no judgements. All the exercises were heart opening, beautiful, and powerful. The theme of the weekend was "Rebirth", and I truly felt that way. Before ceremony, I had never felt connected spiritually in any environment, even though I was raised as a Christian. But that feeling was so present in the environment that Heal the Heros is cultivating. It was the most spiritually connected I have ever felt in my life.


This was one of the most profound experience I've ever had in my life. I let go and released what no longer served me. I hit the reset button and walked away with a new set of eyes. I have so much more clarity and purpose moving forward. My heart is full and I'm feeling grateful. ❤️

Nancy Leung

There were many revelations and many connections that were made. I truly believe in the afterlife now. Everything works for us. You just have to have faith. I saw the heavens and I saw the celebration. I'm not afraid of death. I forgive myself. I am taking life as it is and enjoying every second.


Never before have I been involved with something that has been full of love, support and attentiveness about every question I had. Also at the same time making me think of my own intentions. 

I would give you 20 stars if that was possible!!

Jay Gildea

I went into the retreat with an open mind, not truly knowing what to expect. During our stay I learned all about the medicine, where it comes from, how it worked, and what to expected during ceremonies. Heal The Hero’s has done a phenomenal job on educating their participants on food, energies, the medicine journey, & most importantly self love. I have recommended Heal The Hero’s to friends and family. I have a new perspective on life and how to treat others all thanks to Heal The Hero’s. 


The indoor ceremony was great it felt good to be warm and to have the fire going was beautiful. Top notch setting. Jessica and Tony’s kitchen work was the best I have experienced yet. NATEMA kept the energy really clean in the house with organization and action . One of my favorite parts of ceremony is the Friday presentation day. It is a lot of info so everytime I get to come back, more resonates according to where I am at . Tony is always serving at his best and it shows. Dayana’s honesty willingness and action hold a lot for us. The chakra bowls are next level thank you. It helped the medicine activate.And of course, Fransisco. 

So grateful 


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, HANDS DOWN. Dayana, Tony, and the awesome facilitators/guardians did an outstanding job preparing us leading up to, during, and after the ceremony. I don't even know how to explain in plain words what I experienced, but I know that it helped me understand "Who I am" and my "I am" as Dayana put it so elegantly. About two weeks leading up to the weekend ceremony, we were well prepared on what we needed to do. The amount of education that we received helped me grow from skepticism, to awareness, to implementing, to KNOWING. This journey is only the beginning and I plan to experience the healing journey again and continue to be the medicine for myself and my loved ones!


If I had to describe my experiences with Heal the Hero’s in one word, it would be GRATITUDE!  The HTH team is supportive, nurturing, and present for you throughout your entire time with them, and after.  I have been fortunate to work with HTH on multiple occasions, in multiple settings, and each time has been better than the last. I am amazed at how much these medicines have changed my life for the better. I was once filled with anxiety and overcome with the chatter in my mind.  I now feel at ease for the first time in my life.  I have been able to reconnect with my children in a deeper, more open space.  I have been able to forgive my past abusers, and most importantly, I have forgiven myself!  I spent years (on and off) in therapy, and have never come close to healing the wounds that I have with one ceremony.  HTH takes care of all aspects of your care before, during, and after… making sure everyone is safe, healthy, and able to integrate back into everyday life.  After my most recent experience, I felt like I gained a new set of friends/family.  Thank you HTH for creating the space to help heal our souls.

Bailey Shulkin

I had the pleasure of spending time with two of my Wildland Firefighter heros.  Ben and Ashely are doing great things for our community.  It was such an honor and treat to sit with them for healing. They are champs.  Another set of champions is Daytona (Dayana & Tony).  They are doing the damn work for the community.  ALL OF IT. They have created a special tribe of love and healing.  I was really struggling with my post-fire season lay off.  I joined the tribe for the weekend and I can't say enough good things about them. They are building magic. My life was changed forever.  I will be forever grateful to these beautiful souls. Thank you to Heal The Heros.  I love you and can't wait to see your next steps forward!

Kara Henning

Before joining the Elite Integration Program, I felt like I was merely scratching the surface of my spiritual and physical potential. Dayana's spiritual coaching transformed my home into a sanctuary, where every corner now breathes purpose and peace. Tony's physical coaching not only sculpted my body but also taught me the profound connection between physical health and spiritual well-being. This program isn't just a course; it's a life-changing journey. My environment, body, and spirit are in harmony, and I've never felt more aligned or alive.

Monica Cadena

After starting Tony's Hybrid Physical Coaching, I've seen incredible transformations, not just physically but in my overall lifestyle. Tony's expertise in creating a personalized fitness space in my home revolutionized how I approach my health. His guidance on intuitive eating and tailored workouts led to a profound change in my body and mindset. This program is more than fitness; it's a holistic journey to wellness that respects my individual needs and challenges. I've never felt stronger, more balanced, and in tune with my body.

Alex Torrez

Dayana's Hybrid Spiritual Coaching was a revelation. The space cleansing and personalized spiritual practices opened my eyes to the power of my surroundings in my spiritual journey. Her guidance has not only deepened my meditation practice but has transformed my home into a true sanctuary of peace and growth. This experience has been a pivotal point in my spiritual path, offering me tools and insights that continue to shape my daily life. I'm profoundly grateful for the transformation.

Jenny Lopez

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