Invitation to Men's Heart Opener Backpacking Retreat

Join us from May 17th to 19th, 2024,

In the majestic setting of Northern California for an invigorating two-day backpacking expedition that promises more than just physical trekking. This retreat is a call to men ready to heal and uplift their divine masculine essence within the camaraderie of like-minded souls.

Retreat Highlights:

Bond of Brotherhood: Immerse yourself in a nurturing circle of men dedicated to the healing journey. Feel the transformative power of collective empathy and solidarity.
Soulful Practices: Dive into mindful activities like meditation, journaling, and soulful dialogue, all curated to deepen your inner journey and celebrate the essence of your masculine spirit.
Wisdom of the Wild: Allow the silent wisdom of nature to guide you. As you navigate tranquil paths and rest beneath the celestial canopy, the wilderness becomes a catalyst for self-reflection and healing.
Ceremonial Rebirth: Embrace the profound insights offered by a traditional plant wisdom ceremony, tapping into the ancient roots of renewal and the revitalization of your masculine core. (Plant details will be discussed during our call)

Retreat Experience:

Journey of Strength and Insight: The physical demands of backpacking mirror the inner quest for resilience and clarity, providing a powerful metaphor for personal growth and healing.
Earth Guardianship: Participate in meaningful conservation efforts that honor our vital bond with the earth, cultivating respect and responsibility for the natural world.
Path to Transformation: Return home with a shifted outlook and vital tools for continued self-evolution, fortified by a newfound connection to your divine masculine energy and a supportive fellowship

Retreat Details:

Limited Spaces for an Intimate Experience: To maintain an environment conducive to personal attention and profound impact, availability is limited.
Investment in Self: A $999 investment is required for this exclusive retreat, which includes a $300 deposit that is non-refundable but can be transferred.

Join the Brotherhood:

Embark on this transformative escape into the wilds of self and spirit. This is an invitation to solidify your divine masculine energy, cradled by the nurturing forces of nature and a supportive brotherhood. Claim your place with us on this extraordinary adventure of inner awakening and communal healing. Secure your spot now for a transformative communion with the divine masculine