Motherhood is a life-changing and challenging experience, but society doesn't equip us with the tools needed. Plant medicines can be a game changer, providing the necessary tools to navigate the journey of becoming a mother and tapping into an ancient and intuitive way of nurturing for personal growth and the well-being of loved ones.

Psychedelics & Maternity

It goes beyond the mere use of plant medicines and delves into the wisdom of ancient and intuitive approaches to nurturing, enabling you to evolve into the best version of yourself for the benefit of both yourself and your loved ones.

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"Psychedelics & Maternity," an intriguing new course designed for individuals seeking valuable resources to empower & reclaim agency over their healt

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Embraces a cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan approach, revolutionizing the cosmetics

BELLAME's Senior Brand Partner Dayana
Mendoza proudly presents an innovative fusion of natural makeup and conscious skincare. This pioneering approach champions cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan values, employing patented technology to deliver products free from phthalates and parabens. The brand's ethos is rooted in a deep commitment to environmental respect, with every product ethically sourced and never tested on
animals. Combining nature's finest ingredients with scientific advancement, BELLAME offers a skincare line that is as nurturing as it is revolutionary. The range features organically derived, plant-based formulas tailored to diverse skin types and tones, emphasizing inclusivity. Beyond skincare, BELLAME
embraces the spiritual connection between external beauty and inner peace, integrating ancient wisdom with modern practices for a holistic beauty experience.

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Ready to integrate Hapé/Rapé to your spiritual practice?

As a first responder, I have experienced the life-changing effects of working with hapé. From the indigenous perspective, hapé is a sacred shamanic snuff medicine with profound healing properties. It is used to induce visions, clear energy blockages, enhance all of your senses, and help decalcify your pineal gland.

'Focus on self care, self love. Focus on unconditional love and how you can bring more value wherever you go and what ever do you"