About Us

We, as a collective of BIPOC individuals, come together to offer sacred community gatherings that are specifically designed to support and uplift those who are leading the way in both social and personal transformation. Our gatherings are a safe space for individuals from all walks of life to connect with like-minded individuals, share their experiences and challenges, and learn from one another. We believe that by coming together as a community, we can collectively heal and grow, and create positive change in the world.

Meet our team

Dayana Mendoza

Dayana, our co-founder, is a creatrix, energy alchemist, life coach, ceremony guide, facilitator, and public speaker. She provides individual and group coaching for personal and professional development, guiding clients in their process of self-transformation and connecting them to their highest selves. Her work helps re-awaken one's soul purpose, allowing them to live an embodied life that taps into their calling.

Tony Nguyen

Tony our Co-Founder, Creator, and Firefighter Engineer, Tony brings over a decade of experience in service to his role as a Ceremony Guide and Facilitator. With an ethos rooted in protecting and serving others, Tony brings compassion, professionalism, diligence, integrity, and selflessness to his ceremonial work. These same values guide his work as a first responder, and he operates with the same ethics and principles in every emergent situation. 

Adrian Rodriguez

I am a Breathwork Practitioner and Integration Specialist. When life becomes challenging, and you find yourself in a state of fight or flight, and cannot escape, taking a pill or seeking therapy may not be a quick solution. However, with breathwork, you can immediately address the issue. Breathwork empowers you to work through your suffering with strength and humility. During my sessions, I guide participants in setting intentions and engage in circle sharing after, creating a ceremonial-like experience. Whether you are currently experiencing difficulties or things are going well, we can always enhance our energy to elevate our vibration. My name is Adrianzando, and I believe that "you are enough, and I am here with you."

Daniel Verdad

Meet Daniel Verdad, a remarkable individual who blesses our community by serving our brothers and sisters. Raised in a quaint village in central Mexico, Danny grew up surrounded by the normalcy of healings and miracles. He carries a profound lineage of remedies that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Having previously worked as a primary school teacher and public speaker, Danny brings a profound understanding of philosophy and world religions, rooted in the wisdom of the Toltec tradition. His words possess a captivating quality, akin to listening to Buddha himself, as he speaks about the shared essence of humankind.

Encountering Danny is like stepping back in time and encountering a coyote; his trickster wisdom radiates and uplifts all those he encounters. Prepare to be inspired by his presence and the ancient wisdom he embodies.