Heal The Heros

"Is a sanctuary rooted in the sacred wisdom of our ancestors and the healing traditions of the past. We are a community of healers, energy practitioners, and visionaries, united in our journey toward personal growth and collective healing. Embracing somatic healing, meditation, and plant wisdom. Our journey is one of shared transformation and inner liberation, honoring the spiritual path laid before us.

Join us on your next healing journey and discover the limitless potential within you."

Caring for our physical health is a sacred journey, essential for a strong and clear mind.

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  • Our Collective

    Heal the Heros is a community stewarded by BIPOC healers embodying their ancestors' dreams, and offers a sanctuary for those on a spiritual journey towards self-discovery and healing. Merging ancient wisdom with modern needs, their gatherings strengthen the community by honoring ancestral legacies and fostering individual growth. Committed to cosmic unity with the manifestation of plant wisdom for healing and transformation. Heal the Heros invites all to join in their extraordinary journey towards spiritual awakening and self-discovery, towards a harmonious and liberated future.

  • Our Vision

    Heal the Heros provides a sanctuary through its experiences and practices, designed for tranquility, introspection, and renewal. In this sacred space, individuals are encouraged to connect with the wisdom of the earth and the legacy of their ancestors, discovering harmony, strength, and inner peace. Emerging from this space, each person is empowered to continue their vital work in the world feeling re-energized, equipped with a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer vision, poised to make a significant impact in the world.

    We invite you to join us on this journey and find your home within our community.

  • Our History

    In response to a deep spiritual call for energetic healing and unity, a gathering of healers, first responders, parents, and kindred spirits formed a sacred community. Bound by a shared dedication to service and transformation, they crafted brave spaces of profound healing for everyday hero. This collective's journey is rooted in turning spiritual beliefs into living actions, creating a sanctuary for all souls in search of growth and transformation. This community warmly invites all who are on a path of healing and self-discovery to join them, promising a place where every individual can find solace and strength within their embrace.


God never gives someone a gift they are not capable of receiving. Schedule your discovery call to discover what's possible! 


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Real people Real results

There were many revelations and many connections that were made. I truly believe in the afterlife now. Everything works for us. You just have to have faith. I saw the heavens and I saw the celebration. I'm not afraid of death. I forgive myself. I am taking life as it is and enjoying every second.


Never before have I been involved with something that has been full of love, support and attentiveness about every question I had. Also at the same time making me think of my own intentions. 

I would give you 20 stars if that was possible!!

Jay Gildea

The ceremony with Heal the Heros was honestly life changing. I went in very nervous, but Tony and Dayanna took the time to explain what all the sacred medicines are, the history, uses, effects on physical body, etc. This really eased my worries and I felt way more prepared for ceremony.


This was one of the most profound experience I've ever had in my life. I let go and released what no longer served me. I hit the reset button and walked away with a new set of eyes. I have so much more clarity and purpose moving forward. My heart is full and I'm feeling grateful. ❤️

Nancy Leung